Public Health and Herbal Medicine Agenda

Africa is experiencing a double burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Recent surveys have shown that while HIV, malaria and tuberculosis continue to be public health concerns, non-communicable conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and strokes are rising. People continue to suffer these health challenges exacerbated by poverty, illiteracy, poor access to safer water and sanitation and challenging adolescent social circumstances.

Further, many Africans in general routinely use traditional herbal medicines as part of their primary or complementary health care. Therefore it is essential that these herbal medicines are quality assured. Health practitioners need to be appropriately informed about possible side effects of traditional medicines and interactions between conventional pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines. However, quality of herbal products in Malawi and many places in the region is often uncertain. Further, while there has been growth in discovery of synthetic medicines, many are unaffordable for the poor in Africa. It is also important to note that natural products still hold promise to drug discovery globally.

Public Health

  • Injuries
  • Adolescent health
  • Urban Heath

Herbal Medicine

  • Drug discovery
  • Inventory creation
  • Toxicity
  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Efficacy