A message from the Team Leader

Welcome to the Africa Center of Excellence in Public Health and Herbal Medicine (ACEPHEM) of the University of Malawi (www.unima.mw) at the College of Medicine (www.medcol.mw). I am especially privileged to be the Foundation Lead of this initiative which has the potential to change how higher education in Public Health and Herbal Medicine is delivered within Malawi and the Eastern and Southern African region. At the end of the 5 years of project implementation, we intend to have contributed to the education and training of an extra 26 doctoral and 76 masters’ students in the specific areas of interest to the Center. We also plan to train hundreds of other students and professionals through short courses, many of these will be tailored-made as we go along.

Our Center, is your center, and we are not saying this because it sounds nice. It is because it is true this is your Center. Let me state what I mean by this. If you are an undergraduate student in any institution of higher learning on the planet, we want to facilitate that you can be enrolled as an elective student within the College of Medicine of the University of Malawi. This is possible. If you have an undergraduate degree already but would be keen to study for a master or doctoral degree in a field related to adolescent health, urban health, injuries and herbal medicine (which are the Center’s areas of focus), we will be happy if you considered the University of Malawi as your destination. If you are an academic or a researcher who wants to collaborate with us in the areas of interest to the Center, we want to have a conversation with you as to what this may be pursued further. If you belong to the private sector and you are wondering how we can work together to advance Public Health goals, we will be delighted to engage with you. If however you do not belong to any of the categories presented above, we will be extremely pleased to hear from you as a member of the global village.

We will be supporting development of new curricula, short courses, and facilitating research. We have ideas which we should be sharing with you all as we go along. We will gladly welcome your constructive inputs!


Prof Adamson S. MUULA

Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Adamson_Muula

Email address: amuula@medcol.mw